Worship Nights

Reformation in the Netherlands? Do you still believe it?

Recently I was lead to Isaiah 59:19 – Then shall they fear the name of the LORD from where the sun goes down, and His glory from where the sun rises. When the enemy shall come like a river, the Spirit of the LORD shall raise up the banner against him.

Before I was lead to this text,  God spoke the following statement: “The tide is going to turn!”

Analyzing both we can conclude that 1. The name of the Lord and 2. His Glory (again) are feared and that when the enemy comes as a flood (= original translation from Hebrew H5104 – nahar) the Spirit will raise a banner against the enemy. The original translation from Hebrew H5127 – nus, is: to make the enemy flee.

From The Netherlands! Do you still believe it?

During these Worship Nights we will praise and worship the Lord and I believe that the Lord will set an ambush so that the spiritual enemies will be removed from The Netherlands. Read 2 Chronicles 20. There we read that Jehoshaphat set up a choir for his army. The choir proclaimed, “Give thanks unto the Lord, for His mercy endureth for ever.” Jehoshaphat’s army did not even have to fight for the enemies exterminated each other.

Come and join the Worship Nights and let us in unity praise and worship the Lord with all that is in us! (Matthew 22:37)

Reformation in the Netherlands! Do you still believe it?

Check out the Agenda for details.

All blessings.