Special Forces

For too long the Church did not exercise her God given authority in Christ. With this training you be able to do so out of pure revelation straight from the Word of God. All teachings are based upon the Hebrew language and translated back into our language.
After this training students will return to their base equipped with strong Word based knowledge to execute their call and assignments for the Lord.

It is time to wake up!
2 Timothy 2:15 says: “Study yourselves approved unto GOD.”

It is a very brave name for a School of Ministry. The name explains a lot about the purpose and content of this in-depth training. God is raising up an army that is fully obedient to His commands and guidance. An army that surrenders all to Him and is longing for His presence as a number 1 priority. This training will also contribute to built and develop your character. Character is actually more important then knowledge when working in the fields.

Special Forces will turn your life upside down. Radical changes in your perception on the life of a follower of Jesus Christ and on the Kingdom of God are evident.

RLM offers this special training in several ways. You can subscribe when you are not living in the Benelux for a Zoom training. You can also subscribe for an ‘on location’ training. Both options will take about 3 months, 1 depart a week. Tuition fees are €600.

The foundational lectures are:

  • Apostolic Praise & Worhsip and Dance
  • Apostolic Intercession
  • Altar of Incense
  • Authority
  • Kingdom Economics
  • Endtimes
  • Evangelism

I want to join!

After this training you will be equipped to train others, to fulfil your calling with determination and strength. To do the works God has called you to do! It will make you even more hungry for God then you already are.