Apostolic Alert #2

Consider your ways! Examine your hearts! Haggai 1:5-7 / 1 Corinthians.11:28 / 2 Corinthians13:5.

It is time to get rid of impurity in the heart! Get the idols out!

For too long Leaders did not / do not see / recognise Gods plans. As a main consequence there is a huge price to pay by the innocent ones.

It leads as a sub-consequence to destruction of Gods Plan of Alignment. The resulting vacuum in alignment causes delay in the process of getting united. For those who are obedient to God and who are disobedient to God. The delay in achieving unity and therefor in divine destiny amongst the Brethren (obedient & disobedient) causes victory in the enemies camp. The Lost, the Brokenhearted, the Poor, the Needy, the Orphans pay ultimately the price of the Blind Leaders. As a matter of fact it is falling short to the Glory of God according to Psalm 133 and John 17.

What cause Leaders not recognising God?

For this we simply read Matthew 5:8 Blessed are the pure in heart, For they shall see God. This verse teaches us that Impurity is the main cause of Spiritual Blindness. Impurity, caused by having idol(s) in life, such as ourself, another person, money, sexual immorality, impure motives to serve God or trying to lead according to our own views and lean on our own understanding.

Just sin, missing the mark!

As long as God has not the first place in our lives we are disobedient to Deuteronomy.
6:4-7, Matthew 22:37-40.

Actually, a huge lack of intimacy with God!

Repentence and cleansing through the Blood of the Lamb is crucial!

Let us move forward! Let us pursue God first in our lives! Let us practise Deuteronomy 6 / Matthew 22!

Let us change our nations by getting the idols out, in our own heart first. Let us take example of King Hezekiah! He cleaned and reformed his whole nation and caused as a consequence revival in Judah and on top of it God prospered Hezekiah (2 Kings 18:6-7)!

Be blessed!

David Verhulst
Roaring Lions Ministries
December 3, 2018