Apostolic Alert #3

We are living in the last hour.

Recently I visited another church. We celebrated Jesus, the Christ, together in unity.

The Pastor asked me, upon arrival, to preach the Word of GOD. No message prepared on beforehand! As I was seeking the Lord for His heart to be expressed, the following scriptures came to me: Psalm 133, John 17 and Matthew 25:1-13.

After Praise and Worship, the wife of the hosting pastor shared a scripture from Psalm 45:1-8 and shared a vision the Lord showed the night before. The vision was about GOD giving oil.
Then the hosting pastor shared a short prophetic word: Stand up! Go forth!

The Lord told us we are in the Last Hour! We need to leave our comfort zones and seek unity amongst the Body of Christ! Unity generates GOD commanding a blessing; life for evermore! John 17: Jesus prayed: Father that they may be one! (And more). We need to stand up, preach the gospel and take the harvest in now!

No unity, no (endtime) oil! No endtime oil, we are foolish virgins! Foolish Virgins were too late for the Weddingfeast of the Lamb! Missing GOD!

I asked a member of the church to go outside of the church. I asked her to knock on the door after I closed the door. So she did! The door did not go open….! Imagine, yours or you loved-ones, or your colleagues, or your neighbours are too late to enter in….!

Matthew 25: 11 “Later the others also came. ‘Lord, Lord,’ they said, ‘open the door for us!’ 12 “But he replied, ‘Truly I tell you, I don’t know you.’

What if you hear the LORD saying ? “I do not know you.” Just because you have not enough oil….! Not enough Word in you! Not enough repented!

Unity does not only generate a GOD commanded blessing; life for evermore, it also causes the world to come into the House of the LORD (John 17:23), Oh what a fool we are when we stay in a state of division!

Unity makes the Body of Christ complete. We exhort one another! We edify one another! We support one another! We love one another! We protect one another! We humble ourself to one another! We bow down in unity to worship the Living God! Like the 120 in the Upper room (Acts 1)!

If we are not in the right place with GOD and keep on living our own individualistic church life we can miss the mark, the endtime oil (glory).

The latter glory will be greater then the former (Haggai 2). Why? Because Jesus is coming back soon! Maybe a few years only as we do not live in the last days but in the last hour! We need to be ready without spot or wrinkle, dressed with His shekinah glory to meet Him.

Awake & Arise!
Go out & Get united!
Body of Christ!

David Verhulst
Roaring Lions Ministries
January 27, 2020