Testimony of David


  • Date of birth: March 19, 1961
  • Place of birth: The Hague, The Netherlands
  • Church: Grown up in a Traditional Church, Pentecost Church, later an Apostolic/Prophetic Church
  • Baptised in the Holy Spirit: January 1993
  • Baptised in Water: August 1995
  • School of the Prophets: March 1998 – September 1998
  • Apostolic Leadership Training: January 1999 – June 1999
  • Executive Apostolic Leadership: September 1999 – December 1999
  • Founder Boaz (taking care of the homeless): 1993 – 1997
  • Founder Roaring Lions Ministries: June 2015
  • Work Experience: Interim Management, Consultant, Liquidator, Lecturer MBA and Senior Lecturer Business Economics and Accounting (bachelor  

Divine Encounters  

  • April 2013, Oudtshoorn, Cango Caves, South Africa. The Lord told David: ‘My GLORY is coming, get ready!’

  • June 2015, The Hague, The Netherlands, separation time for 90 days. In that period David had two encounters with the Lord Jesus. 

    During the first encounter, the Lord Jesus showed David while he was walking in the inner city of The Hague. While David was walking he suddenly experienced the Lord walking next to him. David looked into the eyes of the passengers and he saw the death of their souls. It felt like a confrontation as it was that strong. Every passenger that was passing by he noticed this awful status. At the same time of noticing death in the souls of the passenger David started to weep on the streets in a soft mode. Tears were just falling down and down. This only happened for about 10-15 minutes. At the time it stopped he noticed the Lord was gone too. Coming home the Lord showed David Nehemiah 2:17. It became clear that the Lord showed him His Church in a state of ruïn like in the days of Nehemiah. David also noticed that it was not him weeping but Jesus through him. Jesus is weeping over His Church and the lost. Will His Church arise and go out and share the Gospel ?

    The second encounter with the Lord Jesus was during David’s prayer walk at night. During this walk it suddenly became very quiet. An atmosphere of reverence and awe developed. David experienced the Lord’s Presence and walking next to David. David felt that every word he would speak would discredit the holy atmosphere. They just walked for about 10-15 minutes. Then David felt he could speak and asked the Lord: “Lord, may I embrace you?” then the Lord replied: “Only a short time.” The next moment the Lord was gone. A few minutes later David roared in the dunes of The Hague: ” Economical change in Shanghai.” A few days later it was stated in the newspaper that an economical change had occurred in Shanghai.

        The apostate Church and the lost souls.

The encounters with the Lord and the Holy Spirit caused David to weep most of the time during this 3 months period. Asking         the Lord why he wept so much the Lord replied: “You mainly weep for 2 groups, the lost souls and the apostate (lukewarm) church. On a certain day while weeping before the Lord, David cried out: ‘Father, they do not see.’ This indicates the apostate church is blind and is not yet ready for the second coming of the Lord Jesus Christ.


The Call

Two moments occurred in this period (2015) the Lord asked David to give up everything. The first time David replied: ‘Yes Lord, I will go!’ The second time heI replied: ‘Yes Lord, I go!’



The Mandate the Lord gave in this period: ‘Bring and Establish Apostolic Reformation into the Nations.’ The Preparation of the Bride.


Mission India & Thailand 2015 – 2017

After these 90 days in 2015 David was directed to India, he sold his house, his car and sowed all his belongings. With 2 suitcases left he went to India, Andhra Pradesh. He ministered for 3 weeks and trained outreach teams and taught on Praise and Intercession. He directed the pastors to appoint elders and initiated a baptismservice for members. In December 2015 David travelled from India to Thailand to do the same as in India for 8 months. In addition I studied the Book of Revelation thoroughly for 240 hours. Both mission trips were followed by many miracles, signs and wonders. As the Lord instructed me to go back to The Netherlands, he bought a ticket without knowing were to go. Two days before his departure (the day of the coupe in Turkey) a person that had not contacted him for 10 years phoned him and asked how he was doing. god provided a wonderful solution again.

Mission South Africa 2017 – 2020

In January 2018 David was ordained as Apostle in South Africa. Active in National, Provincial and Local Parliamentary Intercession in the Parliamentary buildings of Capetown, SA. Established 2 home cells in Townships. Taking care for the poor & needy. Raised a home cell in Capetown. Raised an Intercontinental Intercession team, called Roar Team. A team existing of intercessors. Roaring various times a week for the nations that the LORD placed upon our heart. Roaring Apostolic Decrees based on Prophetic Insight.

RLM organised A Plea on Abortion for the United States of America via ZOOM on September 5, 2020.

September 2020 RLM organised also a Plea on South Africa to bring the nation to its heavenly destiny; South Africa, an Apostolic Nation. Members of the royal Zulu family and a member of Parliament joined this ‘Standing in the gap’ meeting.

During the lockdown in South Africa (04-2020) RLM organised street crusades in townships during the times we were allowed to be outside (0600-0900am). Marching, roaring, praising and preaching on the streets. More than 300 people received Jesus in their hearts. They were discipled and 3 churches were born out of this. Baptism took place on the streets. Miracles of healing and deliverance were just common. Glory to God.

David served 2 different radio channels and his preachings were about 5times per week broadcasted and has written 2 books; Words of Power with 30 daily devotionals. And The meaning of the Hebrew months Today.

February 2020 the School of Ministry – Special Forces was launched. An in-depth training existing of 7 modules; Apostolic Praise, Worship and Dance, Apostolic Intercession, Altar of Incense, Authority, Kingdom Economics, Eschatology and Evangelism.


Mission to Brazil 2021 – 2022

David was invited to preach and teach the gospel in Brazil. About 45 conferences took place in São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Campo Mourão, Maringá and Salvador. Many, many people got touched by the Holy Spirit and received healing, emotional and/or physical, got equipped, were released into their God given destiny.

David took a church with him to the streets in São Paulo and preached the gospel on a square full of restaurants and cafe’s. People with depression were invited for receiving prayer. Several people were set free and testified they felt a change in their lives. Main focus on these conferences was Praise & Worship and Evangelism.