Praise, Worship & Dance

One of the pillars of Roaring Lions Ministries is organising Praise & Worship meetings, on location and virtual.

Keep informed by checking our agenda to find out where the next Praise & Worship event takes place.

Every year we organise an 24hour Praise & Worship event. We started this initiative in 2020. This event takes place on a hybrid basis, via Zoom and physically in The Netherlands. The aim is LIVE Praise & Worship throughout the continents. All events that has taken place had participants from the USA, Australia, Europe, Asia and Africa.

As we honour indigenous people we had participation from the Aboriginals from Australia , indigenous people from West Papua and several Indian tribes from the USA, like the Coharie, Black Foot and Navajo tribes.

In addition prophetic artists are participating that just paint what the Holy Spirit is revealing. Several art works has been created. Our Praise and Worship events are based upon 2 Chronicles 20, and the Hebrew meanings of the word Praise. There are 9 words in Hebrew for the word praise. Analysing them generates a mighty and revolutional revelation.

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